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Role of APEC in Turkey Cellulitis


Dr. Catherine Logue of the University of Georgia PDRC recently completed a study Project #707 funded by USPOULTRY Foundation to investigate Clostridium spp. as the principal pathogen involved in the occurrence of cellulitis.  The role of Avian Pathogenic E.coli (APEC) was examined as a potential initiator of the condition. A total of 333 isolates of E.coli were evaluated and many were found to carry resistance traits and virulence factors.  There was a positive correlation between E.coli strains isolated from litter and from lesions. 


Additional studies arising from the pilot study will include the role of the intestinal biome on cellulitis with reference to Clostridium and other potential pathogens.  It is apparently too early to develop preventive measures to reduce the prevalence of cellulitis that ranks as the third most important condition resulting in economic loss, especially in the Midwest.

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