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Phibro to Present Webinar on DFMs Featuring Dr. Todd Applegate

At 11H00 EDT, Thursday, May 21st Phibro Animal Health will host a webinar entitled Introduction to Direct Fed Microbials – Thoughts on Why They May or May Not Work The program will be presented by Dr. Todd Applegate, Department Head and Professor, Poultry Science Department, University of Georgia


Webinar Description:-


The gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) is a dynamic system performing digestive and absorptive functions while supporting an endogenous microbiota of both beneficial and potentially deleterious bacteria.  Some probiotic cultures have demonstrated a capability to reverse the destructive effects of pathogenic bacteria and protozoa.


Studies applying cell culture have defined the mechanisms by which beneficial probiotic cultures support enterocytes. These include modifying mucin production, affecting the rate of enterocyte replacement, maintaining the integrity of intercellular tight junctions and reducing inflammation mediated by cytokines.

Dr. Todd Applegate.


Demonstrations of these functions in the avian intestinal tract are limited in scope and application. Studies with poultry have shown that specific probiotic cultures can either directly or indirectly suppress harmful bacteria, alter intestinal structure and influence both intestinal and systemic cytokine responses and activity of phagocytic cells in the mucosa. Beneficial probiotics exert a net positive effect on moderating the damage caused by intestinal pathogens, thereby improving performance.


Topics to be considered include:

  • Background to research on probiotics with reference to the literature
  • Review of the mechanism of action of probiotics including their plasticity in the GIT and how they respond to challenges including the biological “cost” associated with interactions with the microbiome
  • Targeted application of probiotics based on modes of action and selection
  • The value of DFMs based on selection of species and their modes of action demonstrating that in terms of function and benefits to production efficiency they are more than a “commodity” feed additive.



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