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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Maple Leaf Foods Developing Fusion Meat and Vegetable Protein Products


Following the lead of Tyson Foods, Maple Leaf Foods of Canada has developed a range of burgers, sausages, and grounds containing a combination of real meat and vegetable-derived meat substitute.


Casey Richards, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for Maple Leaf Foods, stated “There has been significant growth in the meat-alternative category, but the taste, texture, and a long list of ingredients have been barriers for some consumers who want to explore plant-based protein foods.”  He added, “Providing delicious options that reflect the way Canadians live, cook, and grill is a priority at Maple Leaf and we are proud to launch Maple Leaf 50/50 and introduce fusion protein as a balance of meat and plant based protein.” 



Maple Leaf Foods has erected a large plant in Indiana to manufacture textured vegetable protein incorporated in existing plant-based products.  The concept of combining real meat with plant protein is obviously a compromise and reflects the inherent organoleptic deficiencies of vegetable-based meat substitutes in addition to their cost.

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