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Jumbo Boneless Breasts Losing Value Against Select Product


Urner-Barry has elegantly demonstrated the decline in the value of jumbo boneless breasts relative to select product over the past four years.  In actual dollar terms, not corrected for inflation, the price of jumbo boneless breasts has declined from $1.64 to $1.12 per lb., a 32 percent reduction.  Over the comparison period, select boneless has remained fairly constant at $2.45 per lb.  The ratio of select boneless to jumbo boneless increased from 1.5 : 1 in 2017 successively to 2.2 : 1 in 2020.  


The recorded differential in price will be accentuated by the marked decline in demand for jumbo boneless attributed the persistence of COVID-19 with its impact on the food service sector.  Prospects for an improvement appear dim given that many universities, schools and institutions will not resume in-person operations in the fall of 2020. This will have implications for selection of parent breeder strains, nutritional specifications and harvest age depending on the duration of COVID restrictions.

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