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Aviagen to Support 63rd AAAP Virtual Conference


In a July 23rd release, Aviagen® announced their support as a Platinum Level Sponsor for the 63rd annual American Association of Avian Pathologists’ (AAAP) Meeting to be held online July 30th to August 6th.


Three Veterinarians from Aviagen, Drs. Christina Lindsey, Keat Fu and Emma Castilla will contribute papers to the event relating to management of flocks and prevention of disease.

Aviagen is a consistent supporter of the AAAP through donations and participation in preceptorship programs and scholarship awards.


Dr. Eric Jensen, Vice President of Veterinary Services for Aviagen has served on the Board of AAAP and is the current president. He will assume the position of past-President for the 2020-2021 term.  Dr. Jensen commented "Aviagen and the AAAP share a mission to leverage scientific knowledge to promote the health, welfare and productivity of poultry and in so doing provide a healthy and sustainable source of nutrition for the World's population.


Dr. Eric Jensen President AAAP 2019-2020



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