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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Bell & Evans Receives "Green Loan" from Rabobank


Bell & Evans will use a “Green Loan” extended by Rabobank to erect and equip the new processing plant to be on a tract of land near Fredericksburg, PA. Requirements include compliance with exceptional standards of sustainability, conservation of energy and water, environmental excellence, welfare and compatibility with the area in which a facility is located.

Rabobank Provided Finance

Scott Sechler

According to Scott Sechler, principal shareholder of Bell & Evans, the plant he refers to as a ‘Chicken Harvesting Facility’ will incorporate state-of-the-art installations and construction approximating European standards.  It is anticipated that the plant will be operational by late 2021 and will cost $330 million, doubling the current output of the company.


Bell & Evans is committed to organic production and is investing in expansion to satisfy customer demand. Products are featured in Whole Foods Market, Wegman’s Food Market, Publix, Roche Bros., in addition to many upscale restaurants.


The structure of the plant will be built by Stellar, previously responsible for a further-processing and packaging facility and a modern hatchery equipped with HatchTech, incubation and automated handling.

The structure of the plant will be constructed using Thermomass precast concrete exterior walls with a high thermal rating.  Production areas will have acid brick flooring and extensive polystyrene installation will be incorporated into freezers. 

Conceptual View of new Plant

Processing equipment will be supplied by Marel-Stork and will incorporate an innovative automated transport system, a slow-induction modified atmosphere stunning system, a high level of automation and air-chilling. Chemical rinses will not be used. Sustainability will include the use of recycled water processed by onsite treatment plant. In commenting on the project, Sechler stated, "I spent more than 50 years in the chicken business making upgrades to old processors and retrofitting facilities with the most innovative equipment". He added "now to be building these beautiful state-of-the-art chicken plants from the ground up is a dream come true".


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