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Thai Broiler Production to Recover from COVID Impact


According to a September 15th GAIN report, TH2020-0126 detailing broiler production and consumption in Thailand, a 2.8 percent increase in production is projected in 2021.  Output in 2020 dropped 1.5 percent from 2019 to 3.25 million metric tons.  In 2021, production will attain 3.340 million metric tons.  Thailand will export 27.5 percent of production equivalent to 0.92 million metric tons.  Domestic consumption that dropped 4.8 percent from 2019 to 2020 will increase by 2.9 percent in 2021 to 2.42 million metric tons.  Assuming a Thai population of 70 million, per capita consumption will be 34.6 kg or 76.1 pounds.  This figure may be misleading since Thailand regularly welcomes 40 million visitors annually. Assuming a three-pound per capita consumption, the hotel restaurant and catering market would theoretically account for 0.12 million metric tons almost equivalent to the projected increase from 2020 to 2021.


Thailand is unique in that a significant proportion of exports are in cooked form.  The last reliable data in 2019 showed exports of 590,000 metric tons of cooked product; 291,000 metric tons of raw chicken, mostly in the form of portions and added-value and 18,700 metric tons of feet. Japan is the largest recipient of Thai chicken. In 2019, 50 percent of cooked chicken exports were shipped to Japan, equivalent to 294,000 metric tons. The EU was the second largest destination with 39 percent of cooked product amounting to 227,000 metric tons.  Lesser quantities are imported by South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada. 


The export of raw chicken products comprised 39 percent to Japan at 122, 000 metric tons, 25 percent to China at 76,400 metric tons Malaysia at 13 percent with 41,000 metric tons and the remainder among South Korea, Hong Kong and diverse nations.  In 2021 the Government of China approved thirty export facilities in Thailand.


There are minimal prospects for export of U.S. product to Thailand given the high level of exports over and above domestic requirements. Potentially Thailand could receive leg quarters since there is a preference for dark meat in addition to deboned MDM. If exports become a reality, the most likely products will be leg quarters for processed and re-export.

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