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Publix to Initiate COVID Vaccination


Pharmacies within Publix Supermarkets in collaboration with the Florida Department of Health have commenced administering COVID-19 vaccines in twenty-two stores in three counties in Florida.  Publix will expand the Pilot Program to six other states subject to a successful rollout.


Current information indicated that as of January 7th, 17 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine had been distributed but only five million had actually been administered.



The pilot program motivated by Governor Ron DeSantis commenced during the second week of January 2021 and appears to be a desperation move based on lack of planning. The State of Florida is offering COVID -19 vaccines to all residents over 65 years of age. Currently Seniors are camping out overnight in their cars and on sidewalks to receive their first dose of vaccine since there are insufficient central locations to process recipients at a rate commensurate with the urgency required.   Unless at least 70 percent of the U.S. population can be immunized, by early- summer restoration of our economy and way of life will not be achieved. 


Photo ops are no substitute for protection.

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