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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

CHICK-NEWS Welcomes QC Supply as Sponsor


QC Supply headquartered in Schuyler, NE. has emerged as a single-source for the poultry industry west of the Rockies.  The company was founded in 1982 by Lonnie Kitt, operating out of a garage in his hometown.  QC Supply has now grown to a network of 27 locations in 14 states.


Serving as a single source solution QC Supply connects customers with the equipment they need to maintain efficient production.  The Company mission to “ensure the sustainability and livelihood of the American Family Farmer” keeps the Company focused on the markets they serve. Over 40 years of operation, QC Supply has earned the goodwill and confidence of the farming community through honesty, accountability, teamwork and service.  QC Supply represents the Nation’s most important manufacturers including nine sponsors of this newsletter.


A seamless-solutions approach is applied in the QC business model linking farmers, integrators and manufacturers. Equipment categories supplied and installed by QC Supply include feeding and extending from bin to beak; watering installations, heating and ventilation components including fans, louvers, control systems; biosecurity supplies and building components including lighting, plumbing, and curtains.  QC Supply stocks a range of items to promote health of flocks including rodent control, medicators, and syringes. The Company owns CASCO Products, that manufactures several efficacious cleaning and disinfecting products for livestock and poultry.


In response to expansion in the poultry industry, QC Supply developed a turnkey solution capable of addressing projects ranging in size from $50,000 to more than $300 million with general contracting services in 14 states. QC Supply offers planning and design, construction and schedule management. The Company participates in project startup and offers services and support to achieve benefits from advanced installations. QC Supply served as the general contractor for the Tyson expansion at the Union City broiler complex.


For additional information on the range of products and services, access the QC Supply website on the right side of the welcome page or phone

1-(800) 433 6340.

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