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SonoSteam Reduces Pathogens on Contaminated Surfaces and Products


SonoSteam technology has the potential to reduce contamination with foodborne pathogens on equipment, work surfaces and products.  Sonosteam was acquired by the Sanovo Group in 2020 based on the potential for applications in food production and decontamination of equipment and work surfaces.


According to Niels Krebs, CEO of Sanovo Biosecurity, the technology has achieved market penetration in the E.U. and the U.K. in reducing the level of Campylobacter on poultry. Steam is responsible for thermal destruction of bacteria and this effect is intensified by ultrasound.  SonoSteam can be applied in a variety of on-line processes and has received acceptance in the U.K. where the Food Safety Agency imposes a quantitative limit on Campylobacter contamination.

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