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COVID Situation Deteriorating in Brazil


Brazil recorded close to 20,000 deaths last week bringing the National total to more than 300,000 fatalities in a population of 212 million.  A physician in Sao Paulo stated that there is a lack of medication, oxygen, PPE, and intensive care beds, contributing to unnecessary deaths.  Shortage of trained personnel is also contributing to mortality with eight out of ten patients dying following intubation compared to a global average of five out of ten.  The number of cases in the 30 to 59 year old cohort requiring hospitalization is increasing as more young members of the population are infected.  It is suggested that the P.1 variant is responsible for both hospitalizations and fatalities since the strain can evade antibodies stimulated by either previous COVID infection or from vaccination.  Unfortunately Brazil has been remiss in viral characterization. 

Pres. Bolsonaro in a symbolic gesture avoiding the smell of dead bodies

The COVID situation in Brazil is exacerbated by conflicts between President Jair Bolsonaro and state governors who are imposing lockdowns and other accepted preventive measures.  Bolsonaro refers to them as ‘tyrants’ and commented publicly that although the government regretted deaths ‘there has been enough fussing and whining’.  The Federal Government failed to order vaccines and only six percent of the population has received a single dose.


The ongoing COVID epidemic in Brazil will have a negative effect on chicken production and exports.


In contrast, neighboring Chile has vaccinated approximately half of the population and has imposed strict lockdown measures including evening curfews.  Chile has recorded one million cases and at present 95 percent of intensive care beds are occupied.

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