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Mountaire Farms Donated Meal Boxes for Families During Easter


Mountaire Farms employees worked with community volunteers on Tuesday, March 25th to pack and distribute 3,000 meal boxes for families in advance of Easter.


Kathy Bassett, Director of Communications and Community Relations for Mountaire stated, "everyone knows this pandemic has been so hard on so many with businesses closing and people who were laid off from work and have found themselves with food insecurity issues". 


Phil Plylar, President of Mountaire Farms stated, "whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving or now Easter for Thousands, because of your efforts we are going to help our fellow folks here on the Eastern Shore".


This is the first Easter event of its kind for Mountaire although it holds Thanksgiving for Thousands events.  Over the course of the pandemic the Company has donated one million pounds of chicken to deserving groups.

Phil Plylar CEO Mountaire Farms

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