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False Allegation Concerning Meat Consumption Belatedly Withdrawn


Recently Fox News and other media within the Murdoch enterprise reported that it was the intent of the Biden Administration to mandate a reduction in meat consumption. A retraction was made by individual commentators on the Fox News channel after the reports were fact checked by competing media and following a sharp denial from the White House.  The false report was subsequently amplified by both politicians and their supporters.  Only a few television reporters on the channel concerned have actually retracted their false statements and some politicians are continuing to knowingly disseminate incorrect and baseless messages using social media.


The origin of the misinformation was a cooperative study by academics at the University of Michigan and Tulane University, who investigated the potential environmental impact of restricting consumption of red meat. There is no question that climate change and sustainability have received considerable attention since the change in Administration.  This is a time for review of established scientific data that represents the consensus of responsible investigators.  A number of universities and government agencies are considering models that will indicate the outcome of various policy decisions. 


Premature release of data and fabrication of reports do not help understanding. False and sensational releases may increase ratings but they inflame public opinion to the detriment of sound policy based on bipartisan consensus.  Unfortunately politicians and the public they serve have adopted inflexible positions on climate change. Opinions range from “It’s just a big hoax” to “Unless we all go vegan, we fry”.  There has to be a science-based compromise with a clear plan going forward to reduce greenhouse emissions and to use clean energy.  To avoid disrupting the economy of the U.S. and the remainder of the world, any transition will have to be made gradually. The sooner we start the easier it will be for our grandchildren and their issue.  Floating blatant lies and misrepresentations for short-term political gain is decidedly unhelpful and intensifies both political and global temperature.


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