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GNP a Subsidiary of Pilgrim’s Pride Initiates Water Recycling


GNP a subsidiary of Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. has introduced ultra-filtration technology to allow recycling of water to wash carcasses and equipment.  The process has been approved by the Minnesota State Health Department.  It is anticipated that complete application of the technology will allow for an 80 percent reduction in abstraction of ground water. Similar technology is now in operation in plants operated by Hormel Foods the holding company of Jennie-O Turkey Store.


Availability of water is obviously not boundless.  Tyson Foods determined that abstraction for the Sedalia, MO. broiler plant contributed to a decline in the Ozark Aquifer.  A similar situation existed at the Smithfield Foods, Tarheel, NC. Hog plant drawing from the Upper Cape Fear Aquifer.


Sustainability objectives include reduction in water usage that can be achieved by filtration and other technology to allow recirculation.  Water conservation is now evaluated by investment groups such as Ceres and Morgan Stanley Capital International.  Black Rock with $6 trillion under investment has emphasized the need to conserve water with financing contingent on achieving sustainability goals.


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