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Big Dutchman Introduces FLUXX™ FX2 Feed Pan


Following the successful introduction and application of the FLUXX™ FX2 feeder pan, Big Dutchman has now updated the unit by installing an integrated LED light within the inner cylinder.  This illuminates feed and contributes to uniform light intensity at floor level in the barn. The LED lights help chicks find feed quickly for a rapid start.


The FLUXX™ FX2 GLO feeder pan, with a diameter of 14 inches, allows for more feeding space than competitors’ pans allowing 16 feed positions. The design of the cone allows  distribution through 360° into the pan.  The FLUXX™ FX2 feed pan has an internal lip designed for easy access.  Feed levels are set using Spin n’ Lock adjustment.  The pan is designed for durability, constructed of heavy duty plastic and incorporates a latch to prevent opening in operation. Additional details on the FLUXX™ FX2 GLO pan are available at <>.

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