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Colorado Initiative 16 Rejected by State Supreme Court


Two extreme activists in the Boulder, CO. area drafted Initiative #16 that was intended to appear on the 2022 state ballot.  The initiative termed Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation (PAUSE) would have effectively shut down the livestock industry in the state.  Provisions included requiring all livestock and poultry slaughtered to have spent a quarter of their "natural lifespan" before slaughter.  The natural lifespan for bovines was defined as 20 years; hogs 15 years; turkeys 10 years and chickens 8 years.  The authors of Initiative #16 included a bizarre definition of "sexual act with an animal" that would have forbidden artificial insemination, intervention at calving and lambing to relieve dystocia and a ban other conventional preventive and therapeutic practices performed by veterinarians and ranchers including neutering of pets


The Colorado Supreme Court rejected the measure on the basis of a violation of the single-subject rule of the Colorado Constitution. In their unanimous opinion, the justices recognized that "the Initiative’s central theme is incorporating livestock into an animal cruelty statute but expanding the definition of "sexual act with an animal" would criminalize additional conduct regardless of whether that conduct is directed at livestock or other animals".


The Pause Act characterizes the deep divide between urban residents and livestock producers.  In Colorado, production and processing contributes more than $5 billion to the state economy and supports 150,000 jobs.  Even though Initiative #16 as currently framed will not appear on the 2022 state ballot, it is evident that opponents of intensive livestock production will continue to propose initiatives to be submitted to voters.  Legislation by ballot incorporated in the constitutions of a number of western states is evidently detrimental with respect to agricultural, environmental and social issues and has the potential to create disruption of existing industries and activities and inflate the cost of food.

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