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USDA Announces Grants for Sustainability Research


The National Institute of Food and Agriculture has announced 15 projects which are being funded at $10 million each under the Sustainable Agricultural System Program.  Research will address replacement of labor, promoting land stewardship, and reversing climate change.


According to Dr. Carrie Castille, Director of the NIFA, “Investments and research projects such as these awarded today will result in long-term improvements in agricultural practices that will benefit consumers, farmers, and the environment.” 


Examples of projects funded include: -

  • University of California will evaluate irrigation in the Southwest U.S. creating models to adapt management strategies in the face of climate change
  • The University of Hawaii will develop a Children’s Healthy Living Food Systems Model and evaluate supply chains, reduce food waste, and improve diets for children
  • Central State University will evaluate hemp as an aquaculture feed ingredient and aspects of improving sustainability for seafood production
  • Colby College, in collaboration with cooperating institutions, will evaluate algae as a feed ingredient for dairy cows including mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions

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