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Mountaire Farms Responds to Biased News Report in The Counter


An activist publication The Counter reported on alleged complaints by workers at the Lumber Bridge plant claiming exposure to an "unknown chemical" that produced respiratory symptoms.  On October 20th, Mountaire Farms issued a rebuttal claiming: -


  • The Lumber Bridge plant is fully staffed refuting the allegation that employees have resigned in large numbers.
  • The company has not changed the concentration or altered the application of ammonia or chlorine compounds in the plant and no leaks have been detected.
  • OSHA inspected the plant in late August following allegations of "chemical contamination" without detecting any abnormality or requiring any any changes in operations.
  • There have been no responses to the plant Conduct and Compliance hotline that allows workers to make anonymous comments and complaints

As a participant in the food industry, Mountaire Farms emphasizes worker safety and welfare.  The company installed air-filtration systems in response to the COVID outbreak. The Human Relations Department encourages employees to file any complaints relating to work conditions or to consult with onsite medical teams.  Employees may request reassignment to other workstations within the Lumber Bridge plant.


The recent rebuttal clearly indicates that the complaints as posted by The Counter were apparently spurious and lacking in foundation.  The Counter and other publications and websites that have reproduced the allegations have rendered Mountaire Farms a disservice in attempting to deprecate both the company and the industry. The Counter, previously The New Food Economy is published by a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) organization established in 2017 by contributions from foundations and individuals including philanthropist S. Donald Sussman.

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