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Consolidation in U.K. Chicken Production


In an October 20th announcement, Boparan Private Office a holding company for broiler producer 2-Sisters Food Group and turkey producer Bernard Matthews announced acquisition of Banham Poultry.  The company was purchased by Chesterfield Poultry in 2018 and operates from a base in Attleborough, Norfolk, near the headquarters of Bernard Matthews. 


Banham Poultry produces in the region of 650,000 birds per week and generates $195 million annually in revenue. During 2020 Banham Poultry recorded a pre-tax profit of $500,000.  Product comprises 55 percent whole premium chicken and 45 percent tray-pack portions distributed to major U.K. supermarkets.


Boparan Private Office noted that the acquisition of Banham Poultry will safeguard employment for more than 1,000 workers and will extend the company supply chain including growers and suppliers through distribution.

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