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Foster Farms to Continue Annual Hunger Relief


Foster Farms will donate 64,000 pounds of turkey products to West Coast food banks continuing a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition. 


Ira Brill, Vice-president of Communications for Foster Farms stated, “We remain dedicated to fighting hunger in our local communities and are proud to continue our tradition of donating Thanksgiving turkeys, especially this year, as families return to more traditional celebrations.” 


Tanis Crosby, Executive Director of the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank stated, “We are grateful to Foster Farms for its continued generosity, especially during the holidays. Their donation will be a hand-up again this year to the thousands in Northern California who are struggling to make ends meet.”  The San Francisco-Marin Food Bank will feed 10,000 people with four tons of the turkeys donated by Foster Farms.


It is estimated that one out of every five residents in California, representing eight million of the state population are in need of support based on food insecurity.

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