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Smithfield Foods Again in Conflict with USFW Local 304A


The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 304A claims that Smithfield Foods is increasing line speeds at the Sioux Falls, SD plant.  In addition, the Union claims that measures to prevent transmission of COVID have been relaxed and that relations with management has deteriorated.


The USFW represents 3,500 workers at the facility who operate in accordance with a four-year contract concluded in June.


Jim Monroe, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Smithfield Foods, stated “We are disappointed to get this feedback through the media, it is the first we are hearing of these concerns and we disagree with the portrayal of conditions in our facility.”  He added, “Worker safety and a supportive work environment are top priorities.  We remain in full compliance with all health and safety recommendations and are dedicating resources in an effort to vaccinate our entire workforce.”  Monroe characterized the claims by Local 304A as “inaccurate and unfair”.

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