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Aviagen Recognizes Exceptional Performance by Customer Complexes


In a November 2nd release, Aviagen recognized top achievers with a series of 2020 Flock Awards.  Four categories of excellence were defined including Top Egg Producer, Top Hatching Eggs, Top Production through 65 weeks, and Top Hatchability through 65 weeks. Awards were presented in the Ross 708 and Ross 308 categories in addition to the Ross 308 AP for the first time in 2020.

Awards are based on records for flocks depleted during the previous year with at least six flocks considered.

Dr Marc de Beer

president Aviagen NA


Dr. Marc de Beer, President, Aviagen North America stated, “The goal for the Flock Award program is twofold, to encourage growers throughout the region by showing them the breeder performance that is possible with Ross birds, and to provide customers with a helpful benchmarking tool. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments, and look forward to helping our customers achieve continued success.”


Frank Dougherty, VP of Sales for Aviagen North America stated, “We congratulate these high achievers, who are a shining example to the entire industry of the breeder performance that is possible through hard work, commitment, attention to detail and a true passion for what they do.”


Randall Vickery, Regional Technical Manager for Aviagen North America noted, “Our dedicated service teams work hand-in-hand with these high achievers and other valued customers throughout North America, providing management advice and support to champion their success.”


The Ross 708 Flock Awards for the Ross 708 strain for four categories were shared between Wayne Farms and Sanderson Farms.  Ross 308 Flock Awards were earned by Pilgrim’s Pride, OK Foods and International Poultry Breeders.  Ross 308 AP awards in all four categories were earned by Pilgrim’s Pride complexes.

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