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U.S. Trade Representative Urges Moderation in Trade Issue with China


During the recent USAPEEC Annual Conference held during the last week of October, USAPEEC president Jim Sumner reviewed trade with China in a “fireside chat” with Ambassador Katherine Tai, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR).  Sumner expressed the concern of the chicken industry that a serious rift in relation between the U.S. and China could affect exports with deleterious effect on the U.S. chicken industry.


Ambassador Tai concurred, noting “How do we take down the temperature in this trade relationship?  The temperature has reached the point where I consider the entire relationship feels like a pile of dry tinder and a strained remark or misunderstanding is likely to spark a giant fire with really drastic implications for all of us.” 

USTR Amb. Katherine Tai


Since her confirmation as USTR, Ambassador Tai has taken a somewhat firm stand with regard to negotiations with China insisting on compliance with the Phase 1 Agreement.  Items of contention remain government support for industries exporting to the U.S. and other nations; coercive trade practices; neglect of intellectual property rights, industrial espionage and other restrictions.  It is considered noteworthy that the current Administration has not rescinded tariffs placed on a wide range of imports from China. This is a necessary strategy to maintain leverage in negotiations albeit at the expense of U.S. importers and consumers.

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