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JBS SA of Brazil Commitment to Sustainability


In a comment accompanying Q3 results Gilberto Tomazoni, Global CEO confirmed the Company commitment to Sustainability. He stated:- “We have devoted ourselves to guaranteeing the conditions needed to continue our future prosperity. And it is precisely because of this that we were the first major company in our sector to take on the Net Zero commitment. By 2040, we will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our entire value chain. This was why we were also present at COP26, in Glasgow, to learn and share what we have learned with global leaders who have also embraced the same concern: the search for a more sustainable future for everyone”.


Tomazoni continued “At COP26, alongside nine other of the world’s largest global companies that process and commercialize food, we issued a joint declaration undertaking to develop, by COP27, a sectorial roadmap for containing global warming to 1.5°C (2.7°F) above pre-industrial levels. This declaration was articulated by the Governments of the USA and the United Kingdom, with the support of the Tropical Forest Alliance, linked to the World Economic Forum, and by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. We have also entered into a strategic partnership with Royal DSM to accelerate the reduction of bovine enteric methane emissions on a global scale by using a new feed supplement in the beef production value chain”.

JBS facilities in the U.S.


He continued “We have two urgent issues to tackle: slowing global warming and ensuring food security for the growing world population. In this respect we have two convictions: that these challenges cannot be tackled in an isolated manner, but only if we all unite; and that food production is a crucial part of the solution. Only with the transition to more sustainable production will our business thrive, while guaranteeing food safety and the preservation of the planet”.

Tomazoni concluded by averring, “With this in mind, and assuming the responsibilities that fit our role as global leaders, we will remain focused on helping to feed the people of the world with the best there is and in an increasingly sustainable manner”.


JBS SA has previously been criticized for acquiring cattle grazed on deforested Amazon Rainforest land and other alleged actions detrimental to the environment. Future activity monitored by international agencies will determine whether the Company is contributing to sustainability and even to environmental rehabilitation or is indulging in ‘greenwashing’ to enhance image in advance of a U.S. IPO in 2022.

Gilberto Tomazoni

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