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Salami Stick Alert Extended


The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced a public health alert for approximately 50 tons of salami stick products manufactured by Euro Foods in Freeland, PA marketed under the Citterio Brand.  A previous public health alert was issued on October 29th but additional investigations have shown that a large quantity of product distributed prior to October 25th was still available rto consumers.  The “Premium Italian-Style Salame Sticks” have best-by dates through January 23rd 2022.

Identification of the Citterio product as a vehicle of infection follows an investigation of a multistate outbreak of 31 cases of Salmonella serotype I 4, [5], 12:i: that began during mid- September and extended through mid-October.  Citterio Salami Sticks were implicated as a possible cause of infection by patients as determined from interviews.  Salmonella was isolated from unopened product during an investigation performed by the California Department of Public Health.

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