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COVID Outbreak Closes Dalian Port


According to news reports, a cluster of COVID cases diagnosed in metropolitan Dalian has resulted in lockdowns and limits on inter-city travel.  On November 12th authorities reported 52 local cases, apparently higher than in any other city in China.  The population of Dalian, estimated at eight million is enduring cancellation of public transport and other disruptions.  The port is responsible for shipment of seafood and other chilled and frozen products.


China persists in maintaining that frozen foods can serve as a vehicle of infection for SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID.  This contention has no support from the World Health Organization or any reputable scientific institute or government agency.  Although the closure of the port in Dalian should have no immediate impact on shipments of U.S. poultry, the willingness of authorities of China to impose lockdowns in persuit of a zero-tolerence policy for COVID has the potential to restrict exports to that nation and further disrupt World supply chains.

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