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Future Meat Technologies Raises $350 Million in Venture Capital


Future Meat Technologies of Israel has raised $350 million in a series B financing led by ADM Ventures and supported by S2G Ventures, Tyson Ventures, Monterey Ventures, Emerald Technology Ventures and others.  Proceeds will be used to erect a production facility in the United States during 2022.  Future Meat founded by Professor Yaakov Nahmias uses unique technology to propagate animal cells in fermenters without the use of serum in media.  Dr. Nahmias stated, “We have demonstrated that our proprietary media rejuvenation technology enables cell densities greater than 100 billion cells per liter translating to production capability ten-fold higher than the industrial standard.”  Future Meats claims that it is producing cultivated chicken breast for $7.00 per pound down from $18 per pound in mid 2021.




Dr. Nahmias stated, “This financing consolidates Futures Meat’s position as a leading player in the cultivated meat industry, just a few years after our launch.”

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