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Aviagen Harnesses Virtual Reality for Customer Support and Training


In a January 4th release, Aviagen announced a virtual reality package comprising bonded cellular networking, mesh Wi-Fi and augmented reality headsets incorporating advanced technology.  The package will allow live-streaming capability among Aviagen technical specialists who will now be able to “visit” any farm or hatchery where their expertise can benefit customers.


Jan Henriksen, CEO of Aviagen, stated “Being there for our customers to ensure their continual success is our number-one priority and this new suite of tools is meant as a complement to the world-class support our customers get from Aviagen local teams.  They will now have immediate remote access to our array of specialists in addition to regular face-to-face personal support.”  Avian specialists include veterinarians, nutritionists, geneticists, and experts in flock management and incubation.  The virtual reality suite provides the opportunity for immediate answers to issues anywhere in the world without delay or the need for travel.


Dr. Marc deBeer, President of Aviagen North America, stated “We are passionate about continually improving our service to customers.”  He added, “We have adapted augmented reality and virtual reality headsets to support our efforts to provide the perfect complement to one-on-one care and collaboration from our local Aviagen customer teams.”


Aviagen intends applying this technology to improve sharing of information and ideas in addition to internal company training for the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and North American regions.  Customers will benefit from this initiative in early 2022 following structured regional introduction. 


Aviagen, founded in 1923, is a global primary broiler breeding company offering a full portfolio of breeding stock under the Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brands. Speciality products include the Rowan Ranger® and Speciality Males® for slower-growing and other niche markets.


Based in Huntsville, AL, Aviagen has operations in the U.K., the E.U., Turkey, Latin America, India, Australia, New Zealand, numerousAfrican nations, and joint ventures in Asia.  The company employs close to 8,000 and serves customers in over 100 nations.  Additional information is available on <>.


Aviagen will exhibit at the 2022 IPPE on Booth 4225.





Aviagen to Participate in the 2022 IPPE


Aviagen will be present at the 2022 IPPE to exchange ideas on the latest innovations in poultry breeding. The following Aviagen experts will share their knowledge on Wednesday, January 26th at Booth B3649:-


  • Dr. Sara Reichelt, Aviagen Director of Animal Welfare and Sustainability, will discuss the topic, “There Aren’t Any Finish Lines in Poultry Welfare.”
  • Dr. Santiago Avendaño, Director of Global Genetics will present, “Poultry Breeding’s Contribution to the Environmental Sustainability of the Meat Sector.”
  • Dr. Jose J. Bruzual, Senior Poultry Veterinarian, will discuss “Coccidiosis Vaccination Management in Broiler Breeders.”


Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen commented, “This immense gathering of poultry professionals from around the globe is the ideal place to showcase our broad portfolio of Arbor Acres®, Indian River®, Ross®, Rowan Range® and Specialty Male® breeding stock. We will share our Breeding Sustainability messages with others who have a passion for poultry and a common mission of ending hunger and achieving food security for people on every corner of the earth.”


Dr. Marc de Beer, President of Aviagen North America added “We are happy to be back at the IPPE 2022 in person and part of this exhibition that is important to the industry worldwide. While webinars and other virtual events have worked well over the past year and a half, nothing can replace the networking and interaction that takes place in person.”


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