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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

U.S. Manufacturers Partnering With Community Colleges


Egg-NewsFollowing the lead of Germany, many U.S. manufacturers are establishing contacts with local community colleges to develop specific training programs to satisfy the need for technicians and operators.  Along with tax rebates, provision of infrastructure, state and county officials offer to create new colleges or to develop programs in existing facilities tailored to suit the needs of a company.  This is especially the case with the location of foreign auto manufacturers and parts suppliers that have erected plants in South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. Trained personnel are hired on graduation or companies run apprenticeship programs with alternate years in education and the workplace.


The poultry industry is now embracing the program with the Danville Community College providing specific training programs for Tyson Foods.  The company is establishing a further-process plant in the Cane Creek Centre near Ringgold, VA.  Danville Community College will develop a program to train maintenance technicians. The program comprises 700 hours of technical training with both day and evening sessions offered. Students completing the curriculum will receive priority in hiring with the first class graduating in 2023. 


Egg-NewsDr. Muriel Mickles, Interim President at Danville Community College, stated, “The career path we hope our students will pursue at Tyson Foods will begin with roles that pay well and will have significant upward mobility.”  She added, “Maintenance technicians have the opportunity to begin their careers with Tyson at nearly $45,000 in annual pay plus benefits.”


Derrick Baucom, VP for Poultry Operations at Tyson Foods, stated, “We strive to be the most sought-after place to work, and we are thankful for the warm welcome we have received from the people of Danville in Pittsylvania County.


In 2021, Pilgrim’s Pride announced programs to support local community colleges in areas where the company operates. This will provide employees and their families with the opportunity to obtain training in diverse fields that will allow upward mobility.

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