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Foster Farms Cited by California Labor Commissioner


Egg-NewsAccording to press reports, Lilia Garcia Brower, California Labor Commissioner, has cited Foster Farms and staffing companies for alleged illegal practices during the COVID outbreak. Following complaints, a detailed audit was initiated in 2020, centered on the Livingston, CA plant. It was claimed that temporary workers provided by staffing agencies were not informed of sick leave policies including the availability of supplemental paid absence.  According to the Department of Labor, close to 3,500 workers were affected.


Egg-NewsIn announcing the action and imposition of $3.8 million in penalties, the Commissioner stated, “Employers are obligated to ensure that employees are made aware of sick leave benefits intended to protect workers, their families and the public from the spread of COVID.”


In response, a company spokesperson noted, “Foster Farms is reviewing the recent action by the California Labor Commissioner.  We abide by all federal and state employment laws.  An extensive audit of Foster Farms’ full-time employees failed to find any violations.”


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