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McDonald’s McPlant™ Disappointing in Tests


Chick-NewsA March 24th report in Restaurant Dive cites BTIG Market Research, showing low consumer demand for the McPlant™ burger.  Despite initial acceptance in an early test, market evaluation in California and Texas is disappointing.  Sales are in the region of one third of the anticipated 60 per day in each of the stores offering the product.  Accordingly, operators are extending waiting times for counter delivery and delaying drive-thru turnover. 


BTIG consider that price is also a consideration and that McDonald’s, if it wishes to persist with the McPlant will have to alter price, upgrade product, and develop a more appropriate promotional strategy before contemplating a national launch.  In a conference organized by Fast Company, Morgan Flatley, Global CMO of McDonald’s doubled down on the company intention to continue with plant based items characterizing the McPlant as “a product that is here to stay”.  The company continues to work with Beyond Meat, the supplier of the plant-based patty, as a component of a corporate initiative to achieve increased sustainability for proteins served.



McDonald’s contemplates an expansion of menu items including plant-based chicken substitutes. Are they trying to push a piece of string?

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