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BRF S.A. Posts Q1 Loss


Chick-NewsOn May 4th, BRF S.A. posted results for the first quarter of Fiscal 2022, ending March 31st. For the period the Company lost $309 million on revenue of $2,408 million.  Comparative values for Q1 of FY 2021 were net income of $4.4 million on revenue of $2,118 million.


In commenting on results, Lorival Nogueira Luz, Jr., Global CEO, attributed the loss to events in Eastern Europe and disruption of exports due to lockdowns in China.


BRF posted assets of $11,122 million with long-term debt of $3,942 million against a market capitalization of $3,000 million. BRF has traded in a 52-week range of $2.39 to $6.08 with a 50-day moving average of $3.31. On May 4th, pre-release BRF closed at $2.79 falling to $2.57 at close of trading on May 5th.


On a trailing 12-month basis, operating margin attained 6.5 percent and profit margin 0.9 percent.  The company generated a return on assets of 3.7 percent with 5.9 percent on equity.

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