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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

ADM Enters into Joint Venture with Eat Just


Chick-NewsADM will assist Eat Just with development of cell-cultured meat including Good Meat™ cultivated chicken.


Leticia Gonzalves, President of Global Foods for ADM noted, "cultivated meat solutions have an exciting role to play in this space and we are eager to work together with Good Meat to bring innovative cultivated meat products to the Singapore market and beyond".


Previously Eat Just has claimed that it is serving cell-cultured meat in restaurants raising questions as to why technical support from ADM is required.


Previous unfounded claims and questionable business ethics on the part of the founder of Eat Just and its predecessors, presumes that ADM has performed appropriate due diligence.  The joint venture will enhance the image of the companies established by the founder and CEO.

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