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USDA Attempting To Duplicate Existing Training Programs


Chick-NewsIn recent months, CHICK-NEWS and EGG-NEWS have reported on programs established by major broiler integrators to provide educational and training opportunities for their employees.  These include in-company training and grants to community colleges to establish specific programs for workers to develop digital and managerial skills that would allow them to advance in their companies and become more productive.


The Extension Risk Management Education and Sustainable Agriculture Research Education Program will dispense $5 million to develop meat and poultry processing training and educational materials. Again as is the policy of the USDA, funds will be directed to small-sized operations.  Training workers to operate mobile processing units, on-farm processing and farm-to-fork enterprises will make no material difference to the national food supply chain.


 This program represents an additional example of the USDA pursuing altruistic endeavors using public funds to satisfy the collective desire of political appointees to move U.S. agriculture back to the 19th century by training butchers in a digital age.

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