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Tekni-Plex Consumer Products Launches PET Trays


Tekni-Plex Consumer Products has launched a new range of PET trays containing 50 percent post-industrial, recycled content.  Trays are recyclable and are shatter resistant, even at low temperature.  Transparent packaging allows optimal product display especially for premium items.


In commenting on the launch, Jay Arnold, VP and General Manager of Tekni-Plex Consumer Products stated, “We are continuing to expand our material and product offerings to include more eco-minded solutions as our customers and their commitment to sustainability continues to drive industry-wide changes.”  He added, “PET is the most widely recycled and favorably- viewed plastic in the eyes of the public, making it a great option to help our customers meet their goals.”


Tekni-Plex processor trays incorporate Hidden Rim Technology™ a proprietary technique preventing the overwrap film from tearing.  Trays can be packed and transported at high density, increasing volume shipped per vehicle.


PET processor trays are available as a transparent presentation in addition to translucent and opaque colors.  All trays irrespective of tint can be delivered to a recycling stream.  For additional information, access


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