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North Carolina Cooperative Extension Considering Mobile Poultry Processing


Chick-NewsThe last plant not affiliated with a major U.S. poultry integrator in North Carolina closed in 2017.  This indicates the non-viability of small processing plants operating as independent entities or as cooperatives.


In an attempt to support and encourage independent broiler growers, the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service is constructing a mobile poultry processing plant.  The project is awaiting an allocation of funds in the 2023 budget for completion.



The project is considered to be financially infeasible but will make for good politics and appropriate photo-ops.  North Carolina was the largest broiler producer in the nation during 2021 and any number of mobile processing plants will have an imperceptible impact on supply. The project may indirectly contribute to foodborne infection, given the absence of equipment, control and inspection that is associated with small un-inspected plants compared to a conventional high-capacity facility.

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