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U.S. Faces Diminishing Exports To South Africa


According to USDA-FAS GAIN report SF2022-0015 dated June 16th, the imposition of unjustified anti-dumping duties on chicken imports from the U.S. will reduce volume shipped.             


The GAIN report compared imports for consecutive 12-month periods April 2020 March 2021 with the most recent completed 2021/2022 year. U.S. imports decreased by 8.7 percent to 59,800 metric tons, representing 84 percent of the previously negotiated quota of 71,290 metric tons.  Comparing origin of imports over the consecutive 12-month periods, Brazil increased exports to the Republic of South Africa by 31.3 percent in 2021/2022.


Chick-NewsDecreased imports from the U.S. were due, in part, to riots and destruction of cold-storage and port facilities in mid-2021 and the additional anti-dumping duties introduced in April 2022.  In all probability, these duties will be extended beyond the November 2023 expiry date, given that their purpose is to protect the domestic broiler industry.


Impediments facing the U.S. also include the adverse currency exchange between the SA Rand and the U.S. Dollar, competitive prices from Brazil and the difference in product range with the U.S. offering mainly leg quarters and Brazil, can supply wider selection, including mechanically deboned meat.

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