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Stability Predicted For Foster Farms Following Acquisition


Following the acquisition of family-owned Foster Farms by conglomerate investor Atlas Holdings, the newly appointed CEO, Donnie Smith, confirmed that no radical changes are contemplated in structure or staffing.  In an interview conducted by the Modesto Bee, he stated, “Our intent is to grow the business.”  Foster Farms operates broiler complexes in Livingston, Fresno and Porterville, CA. and facilities in Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Colorado and Alabama.  Turkeys are processed in Turlock, CA.


Foster Farms is believed to have annual sales approaching $3 billion and is the leading chicken and turkey producer on the West Coast, as well as a major employer in the counties where it operates.


Donnie Smith is a 35-year veteran of the poultry and meat industry, having served as CEO of Tyson Foods before early retirement in 2016.


Smith noted in the interview that, “ I have admired the Foster product mix and don’t see any reason to change it.”

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