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Consumer Perceptions Concerning“Plant-Based”


In a report produced by the Food Industry Association entitled The Power of Plant-Based Foods and Beverages, it is clear that consumers demonstrate diverse reactions to the term “plant-based”.  Those who are environmentally conscious associate the term with “nature” and “healthy”.  Other respondents considered the term analogous to “fake”, “tasteless” and are aware of a price differential between plant-based meat and the real product.


The Report was prepared with the assistance of Nielsen IQ and MotiveBase. Reaction to the term “plant-based” were gathered from consumers, retailers, and food professionals over a 52-week period ending June 11th.


The significant takeaway from the report is the lack of understanding of the term suggesting clarification and the need for standards.  Consumer education is required concerning the nutritional value of plant-based meat alternatives.  Most consumers are unaware of the inclusion of approved additives that detract from the “clean label” ethos but more importantly the high level of salt and the inferiority in amino acid content, despite claims for equivalence in crude protein content as supplied by animal-derived products.


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