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Foster Farms Increases Starting Wage Rate At Farmerville, LA Complex


Foster Farms announced a raise in the entry-level wage from $12.70 per hour to $17.30 per hour at its Farmerville, LA plant.

David Alverson, Complex Manager, stated, “We want to hire and retain the best people in Union Parish and the surrounding region.”  He added, “That means ensuring that wages and benefits are competitive in our industry and our community, especially at a time when we are being impacted by inflation.”  Workers will also receive benefits, including vacation and health benefits.  The Complex employs 1,000 workers and will be hiring an additional 600 for extended shifts.  Workers in the Plant are represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 455.


Foster Farms transitioned from family ownership to Atlas Holdings in June. Donnie Smith, previously with Tyson Foods, was appointed as Chairman and CEO.


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