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Tyson Foods Donates $2.5 Million to Feeding America™


Tyson Foods announced on September 7th that it would donate $2.5 million to Feeding America food banks and in addition donate 2.5 million pounds of protein representing 10 million meals.

The Company confirmed the long-standing support of Feeding America, and the donations will assist rural communities that are under stress due to food inflation.  Tyson Foods will use $1 million to support Equitable Food Access Grants that concentrate on people with a high risk of food insecurity.


Erika Thiem Chief Supply Chain Officer of Feed America stated, “One in eight people including one in six children in America are food insecure.  As food banks continue to face increasing demand, we are thankful for partners like Tyson Foods whose ongoing food and fund donations are supporting our network’s efforts to increase access to protein.”

Since 2006 Tyson has donated $3.5 million to Feeding America and supplied protein products valued at $223 million to local member food banks.


It is questioned whether organizations and individuals that oppose intensive livestock production have made either equivalent or proportional donations to charities to support the nutrition and well-being of our less fortunate fellow citizens.


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