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Tyson Foods Donates PPE to the Marshall Islands


Tyson Foods has donated masks and other items of PPE to the Marshall Islands following a severe outbreak of COVID that affected 15,000 islanders during August.

Hector Gonzalez, Head of Labor and Team Member Relations at Tyson stated, "Northwest Arkansas is home to one of the largest Marshallese populations in the continental U.S. and they are a vital member of the Tyson team and our community".  The donation followed a declaration of a health disaster by David Kabua, President of the Marshall Islands.


Eldon Alik, Consul General to the Republic of the Marshall Islands stated, "Tyson Foods has always been a great friend and supporter of the Marshallese people not only in Arkansas but also on the Islands".


Tyson Foods has previously collaborated with the Republic of the Marshall Islands on required COVID safety precautions and has contributed to the Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese, a non-profit organization involved in education, health and cultural activities.

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