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Tyson Foods Settles Washington State Price-Fixing Lawsuit


Tyson Foods is the third broiler integrator to settle with the state of Washington over allegations of conspiracy to raise the price of chicken.


Washington Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, filed lawsuits against 19 processors in October 2021.  Tyson has agreed to pay $10.5 million to settle the case without acknowledgement of wrongdoing.  The company was preceded in the settlement by Mar-Jac Poultry and Fieldale Farms, each for under $1 million.  The remaining 16 companies will either have to negotiate a settlement with the State of Washington or face trial.


The outcome of the case could be expensive for the broiler industry, given that other Attorneys General may decide to file similar suits. This would make alleged collusion a valuable contribution to state coffers and the advancement of political careers.


Central to the allegation is the fact that all of the implicated companies subscribed to AgriStats®, a benchmark costing system that, in the opinion of plaintiffs in civil cases, represented a form of collusion derived from the information on cost and production values.

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