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Succession Program for Hubbard Managers Announced


David Fyfe, Global Sales Director of Hubbard, will retire at the end of December 2022.  His tenure with the industry extended over 41 years.


Bruno Briand will assume responsibilities for global commercial activities, assisted by Mark Barnes in the Americas and Thomas Verrey in the AMEA Region.  Bruno joined Hubbard in June 2004 and in 2016 was promoted to Commercial Director of the EMEA Region.


Mark Barnes is responsible for Hubbard, LLC operations in the Americas, based in Walpole, NH. Thomas Verrey has worked in the Middle East since 2008 and will now extend his activities to Africa and Asia.


In commenting on these personnel changes, Olivier Rochard, Managing Director of Hubbard commented, “David Fyfe has dedicated a large part of his life with passion to our company, our customers and our teams.  He has always been able to share his experience and knowledge with professionalism, kindness and humor.” 


The Hubbard breeding enterprise was established in Walpole NH. in 1921 by brothers Ira and Oliver Hubbard.  The company was acquired by Merck in 1974 but was divested in 1997 to the ISA-Group of France.  Groupe Grimaud acquired Hubbard in 2005.  In 2018, Hubbard was integrated into the Aviagen Group but continues to operate as an independent company.  Hubbard has a presence in 100 nations, supported by R&D, production sales and marketing.

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