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Interview with Kathi Brock

Mar 5, 2012

Kathi Brock has guided the Welfare Certification Program of the American Humane Association (AHA) since the original program was developed in 2000.

Recently had the opportunity to discuss the AHA program with Kathi (KB).

EGG-CITE: Please tell us a little of the history and objectives of the AHA.

KB: The American Humane Association was established in 1877 and has been a leader in every major advancement in protecting children and animals from abuse and neglect.  Our mission statement is “To create a more humane and compassionate world by ending abuse and neglect of children and animals”. 

Our programs directed to animals include shelter services, farm animal welfare, the “No Animals were Harmed® Program and the Second Chance® Fund.  Our professional resources include animal behavior and training, humane education.

The AHA circulates various publications including The Link.  We provide resources for shelter professionals and emergency management and response and we have an extensive program of grants for research and evaluation of welfare systems and training.  We are constant advocates for children and animals and our legislative involvement includes providing our Administration and Congress with information to further our objectives. 

We partner with a number of prominent companies and organizations including MetLife, Maddie’s, Proctor and Gamble, the Petco Foundation and U.S. Bank.  Some of our celebrity supporters include Betty White, Chef Fabio Vivani, Dr. Debbye Turner-Bell, Martha Stewart, Dr. Temple Grandin and Whoopi Goldberg.

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