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European Perspective on Welfare

Jan 14, 2012

Chapter Four entitled Animal Welfare, An Issue Changing Local Egg Business is incorporated in a market report prepared by Agrivalue S.A. for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Dutch Government

The document which was released during the Summer of 2011 reviewed alternative housing systems including enriched modules now mandated in the EU and the German Kleingruppenhaltung (small group housing) and other non-confined systems including barns and pasture.

The directive EU of 1997/74EC banned cages as of January 1st 2012 and allowed only enriched modules and alternatives to be used.  The Kleingruppenhaltung is similar to the enriched cage and comprises a group of approximately 50 hens with greater height and floor area per hen compared to enriched modules.  Sweden and Switzerland do not allow any confined system and Germany recognizes only their version of the enriched cage as an alternative to confinement.

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