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Comprehensive Approach to Evaluating Disease Prevention

Oct 18, 2011

Dr. Barbara J. Grabkowsky of Lohmann Animal Health in Germany reviewed disease control in a recent presentation at the 2011 Pennsylvania Poultry Sales and Service Conference. Her observations were based on experience in Europe controlling Salmonella infection.  In response to the demand for advice on suppressing food-borne Salmonellosis, Lohmann Animal Health has embarked on a program of assessing the probabilities of infection occurring on a specific farm.  They have developed a Zoonosis Risk Index (ZRI) in an attempt to develop sanitation and prevention programs.

The approach involves three phases.  The first involves an initial assessment of risks and identifying potential mechanisms for introduction of disease mainly associated with deficiencies in biosecurity.  The second phase involves implementation of measures designed to reduce risk of infection.  The subsequent third phase requires monitoring in the form of audits to evaluate the efficacy of preventive measures.

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