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Hormel Foods Corp to Establish a Childcare Center


Approval has been extended to a proposed child-care center to be established in Austin, MN. by Hormel Foods Corp. The company has set aside $5 million for the project that will cater for 130 children to be operated by Brighter Horizons.


Jeff Holt speaking for Hormel stated, "The Center is necessary to attract and retain employees in our community".


The move by Hormel Foods Corp follows a similar project by Tyson Foods Inc. that hopefully will establish a new standard for employee benefits.  Quality childcare is extremely expensive even if available in rural areas.  The assurance of appropriate care and feeding of children from infancy onwards to school age allows women to enter the workforce, creates greater stability within communities and ultimately enriches the Nation through improved nutrition and health and intellectual development from head-start enrichment.

Regrettably Hormel was denied a tax benefit for the Center 


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