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Restrictions on U. S. Broiler Exports Continue


According to the March 6th edition of the USAPEEC Monday Line, importing nations continue to impose statewide restrictions as a result of localized outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI).


The Republic of Kazakhstan announced restrictions on imports from California, Texas and Virginia for product shipped after February 23rd, 2023.  South Africa has disallowed imports from the state of Virginia for product processed after January 2nd and for the state of Virginia after January 27th.  South Africa imposes restrictions without communication with the USDA, resulting in omissions from the Export Library.



It is recognized that there is considerable inconsistency in establishing the geographic extent of bans as a result of HPAI outbreaks.  Many nations are following regionalization as incorporated in World Organization of Animal Health (WOAH) guidance.  In contrast, some nations impose statewide or national bans as a result of outbreaks of designated catastrophic diseases in livestock and poultry.  The USAPEEC, in cooperation with the USDA and the International Poultry Association, have made considerable progress in harmonizing trade regulations and the acceptance of scientifically justified restrictions to protect domestic flocks from imported pathogens.  Unrealistic restrictions are due either to lack of knowledge concerning the epidemiology of HPAI on the part of regulators, conservatism and resistance to change inherent in regulatory veterinary medicine, xenophobia or the imperative to protect domestic industries from import competition.

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