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UAE Updating Regulations for Halal Slaughter


USDA-FAS GAIN Report TC-2023-0001, dated March 7th, summarizes the updated technical regulation for animal slaughtering according to Islamic rules.  The GAIN report is based on the November 30th, 2022, technical regulation UAE.S.993/2022 with an effective date of implementation of December 1st, 2023.  The document prepared by religious and secular authorities in the United Arab Emirates refers to the “the halal standard” to replace all previous regulations and advisories relating to Islamic rules. 


The major changes relevant to the broiler industry include:

  • Stunning is allowed, providing that birds are rendered insensible but without resulting in cardiac failure or death.
  • Mechanical killing is acceptable with specific recommendations and restrictions.

The regulations relating to the UAE are obviously not binding on other importing nations in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia where different religious authorities influence import regulations.

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